W J’s

When was the last time you took an assessment of every job function in your organization? 

If it’s been one year or more, it’s time to do one as soon as you finish reading this blog. 

Why, you may ask? 

Because the market changes and your business needs to change with it. 

What are you looking for during the assessment?

We’re glad that you asked!

You are looking for “W.J’s” 

What are “W. J.’s” 

They are the worthless jobs. You know the ones that people have, but they can either be outsourced or combined with another person’s daily/weekly job functions. 

If you’re honest, the worthless jobs have become part of the landscape in your business and when things are going well you just keep paying for them. It is not until you have a financial crisis that you begin to “assess” everything and everyone. 

Here’s what we suggest…

Instead of waiting until a crisis occurs assess EVERYTHING at least once a quarter. Another option is to segment your business, evaluating portions of it quarterly and then conduct a full review annually. The choice is yours and it also depends upon the amount of staff, and systems you have within your company.

Why are we suggesting this? 

Because you own a small business and success is in the details. Sustainable growth happens when you have a well-oiled machine and every part is performing at its peak. 

We know what you’re thinking… “Who has the time to do this?” 

You do that’s who. 

You can assess now, or assess later…when you’ve closed your business and you’re wondering what could you have done “differently” to stay in business. 

We’re your buddies and we want you to do buziness better.

You can start now by eliminating those “W.J.’s” 

Buziness Buddies

Do Buziness Better 

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