Stay Up – A buziness that has passed the 2-year mark and is focused on sustainment and growth in the market place.

If your buziness falls within this time frame, the information on this page is just for you.

Our research has determined that in order to sustain and grow your buziness you need strategic discipline and accountability. These two factors keep your buziness in a state of “readiness.” When your buziness is in a constant state of readiness, you’re prepared and your buziness can endure the high’s and low’s of the market.

Great leaders know that without accountability you become comfortable and that leads to becoming reckless. Conversely, when you know that you are being held accountable for your business actions you perform at a higher level. 

To keep your buziness in a high state of “Readiness” we have developed our “Stay Ready” Strategy. 

What is the Stay Ready Strategy? 

We’re glad you asked. During the first 30-minute session we will establish your strategic objectives. Each proceeding month we will follow-up on your progress and execution of your strategies. As needed, develop new strategies to continue to move your business forward. 

Our Stay Ready Clients have experienced business growth rates up to 30%. 

What’s the fee: $275 (per session)

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