Sins of a Start-up

The million-dollar question that each Start-up business owner ask is…

“Where do I start?”

Here’s what normally takes place:

They will seek the advice of successful people within their existing network. Usually the wealthiest family member is first. And then they move on to the people that look and sound successful outside of family members.

With the “expert” advice in hand, they begin to put their plan into place.

  1. Start by ordering business cards,

  2. Setting up the website and then,

  3. Start selling their goods and services to who else…family and friends.

Here’s the problem, once the support runs it course they’re stuck. And then they’re faced with the inevitable question:

How do I generate “real customers?”

Well, let’s go back to the start up of the start-up process.

  • They sought the advice of “experts.”

  • They ordered business cards.

  • They set up the website.

  • They started selling to family and friends.

So, where did they go wrong?

Well, looks like they committed, “The 3 Start-up Sins.”

Which are:

  1. No defined customer or client.

  2. No defined brand and marketing plan to execute.

  3. No daily strategy that feeds into long-term growth and business sustainment.

Sin #1 – Customer/Clients

When you don’t know “whom” you are selling to, you cannot define a sales strategy that will serve you long-term. In essence once your network runs out so does your cash flow.

Sin #2 – Branding & Marketing

When you have not fully developed your brand, then you miss out on the fundamentals of branding and marketing. The brand is what set’s you apart from your competitors it’s what customers identify with and what makes them want to become a loyal brand champion. We’ll let you in on a little secret, customers make purchases from brands they, know, like and trust. This is built into your branding process (during the start-up phase).

Sin #3 – Daily and Long-term Planning

The final sin is that a lot of business owners don’t think big enough in the beginning because of fear. Sure they will say it’s because they just want to keep it small, but in reality their imagination is too small. When you’re in the start-up phase, you have to think about your long-term growth plans and execute them daily if not, you will find yourself starting over…again and again.

Business Bit

We understand the challenges to starting and growing your business. The good news is that this you don’t have to commit the “Start-up Sins.” We want you to start-up then stay-up! To find out how we can help you CLICK HERE!

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