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Whenever we ask small business owners what is their number one problem 85% of the time their response is…“MONEY!”

We say, “If money is your only problem, then money is not your only problem.”

You see we would like to think that our business problems are external but 90% of the time it’s an internal issue.

We challenge you to take a moment and just look at your business as a brand new customer.


If you have a brick and mortar location, pull up look at the outside of the building. What do you see when enter? Is the space clean, inviting and appealing? Or, are there stains on the wall, tiles that need to be replaced, accompanied by a faint stench? Are the restrooms neat and tidy or unkempt?

Observe the sales team. Are they helpful and attentive? Or are they pushy and aggressively focused on trying to sell you something? Do they have an in-depth knowledge about the product or service?

Complete the tour by walking around and looking at the remaining staff members. Are they motivated and diligently working or are they doing what they have to do, to stay employed?


Whether you have a brick and mortar, home based, or Internet business, you need to have a website. For those of you that have a website, take some time and go through the entire site.

Start with the home page. What does it look like? Does it feel generic or genuine? Click on every tab, drop down menu and assess the information, is it current or does it need to be updated? 

Next, got to the contact us page. Is the information correct? Does the contact form, function properly?

Then, click on the social media icons. First, check to see if the icons go to the correct page. Second, are the postings up-to-date? Or, are there tumble-weeds rolling across the page?

Finally, if you have a CEO or President bio is the photo and information “CURRENT?”

After reviewing the entire site, be honest would a new customer or client want to do buziness with you?


So, you have reviewed your entire website and walked through your entire building, how do you feel?

If you feel excited and ready to make a purchase then great! You are in the top 3% of small business owners that truly only needs more foot traffic or website visitors to generate more cash flow. But, if you have any negative feelings or doubts at all, changes need to be made.

Now, for the remaining 97% walk back through again. At this point most of you are saying, “Who has time to do this…AGAIN?” Our response, “YOU DO! You’re the one that needs to grow your business, so you need to fix what is broken.”

Once you have completed your second walk through compile your notes. Next, it’s time to sit down with the staff if you have one or yourself and begin to make the changes. The plans that you develop will allow your customers to have the best experience at your location, on your website or with your services.

Sounds like too much to do alone? No worries, we can help you. Contact us today.  Let’s make your business better!

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