Buziness Buddies is a Brentworth Industries Company 

Our mission is to help you “Do Buziness Better!” 

Our Story:

We did not have anyone to advise us when we first started.  It’s the reason we had an 11-month, $80K “learning curve.” Once we figured things out, we decided to ensure that startups and business owners would have a place to go to receive strategic advice, the right information to start, grow and sustain your business.

Your Story: 

We get it, starting, developing and growing a business can be challenging. Most of your time is spent figuring things out. Once you’ve gotten everything up and running, then you spend most of your day keeping it going, with very little time to focus on growth and development. It’s difficult to plan long-term without a clearly defined strategic plan. 

Our Philosophy:

We know what works! We also know that your time is valuable and it’s the reason all of our strategic advising services are virtual and 30-minutes. Our goal is to uncover your problems and advise you where to go for help, it’s that simple.

We want you to get in business, stay in business and grow your business! 

Buziness Buddies 

Do Buziness Better!