A Case of the Un’s

When we are strategizing with new or start-up clients, we can tell by their responses that they may have a severe case of, “The Un’s.”

  • Unsure

  • Uncertain

  • Undecided

  • Unreasonable

  • Uncomfortable

“How do you get a case of, The Un’s?”

We’re so glad that you asked.

The symptoms are almost unrecognizable because they are invisible?

Now how is that possible?

Allow us to explain…

Initially you start out with a great idea, you’re going to go to for it, start your business, or grow your business. You are filled with a lot of energy and ambition. You develop your plan and take action.

With great anticipation a week passes and nothing has changed.

Next, a month passes and still nothing has changed.

Around the 90-day mark a visitor shows up in your mind. The best part is that the visitor is not alone they’ve brought guests.

They have showed up just in time to talk you out of everything that you believed was possible. You begin to feel like “it’s not working.”

By now, we’re sure you know who they are…yep that’s right, “The Un’s.”

Once they arrive here’s what takes place:

  • You become unsure of yourself.

  • It’s difficult to make choices so, you become undecided.

  • Even when you are approached with what appears to be a good course of action, you are uncertain.

  • The risks that seemed plausible now make you uncomfortable.

  • Finally, you land in a state of panic, making your actions unreasonable.

So what’s the solution?

We’re not going to give you a three-step system or an elaborate strategy. We have one solution and it’s four words.

Yep, just 4 words…

Stick to the strategy!

You see, what happens is that if things don’t turn out exactly like you have envisioned them, then you believe that, “it’s not working.” Just because nothing appears to be happening doesn’t mean that, “nothing” is actually happening.

Our final thoughts…

The truth is, building and growing a business takes time. While you’re waiting, DON’T allow, “The Un’s” to make you think or behave differently. Your daily focus and hard work will pay off. Just keep it simple and, “Stick to the strategy!”

Helping you keep UNinvited guest away!

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